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When Given Lemons, Make Limoncello

Many times, people will not ask for help. Be it their pride, or not wanting to inconvenience others. When I was in the hospital undergoing treatment for Multiple Myeloma, I loved the surprise of finding out someone did something unexpected for me. There are numerous studies that say helping others makes you feel better. What better time is there than now to assist someone during this pandemic and lift your own spirits. And spirits are exactly what I’m going to do.

People say when given lemons make lemonade. Not me….I make limoncello. Smilin’s Sal’s Homemade Limoncello to be exact. I usually make a batch in the fall to give out at the holidays. However, since I’m in isolation now, I think it’s a good time to start another batch. The entire process takes at least 60 days to complete. I’m hoping the pandemic will be over by then and I can distribute some bottles to my local first responders and thank them for their service during COVID-19.

Hopefully my Smilin’ Sal’s Homemade Limoncello will make someone else happy, if not from me but from the limoncello.

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