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Over the past 10 months I've appeared four times on the NY Talk Radio show Frank About Health. I enjoy being a regular on a show that discusses all aspects of health from caregiving to patients because it makes me feel good to reach others. Helping others has a positive effect on oneself. Countless studies have been made from The National Institute of Health to the University College of England. You can read articles from Psychology Today to Time Magazine explaining when people help others they themselves feel better.

February 3, 2022 - Championing Life With Cancer

In this episode, the audience will receive inspiration and awareness that Cancer can create motivation to move forward with life in various productive ways to help and advocate for others. The audience will also learn more about her book and how it can serve as a guide to help others get through life with adversity.

March 10, 2022 - Frank About Mindfulness

Sally Kalksma returns to Frank About Health to demonstrate how she uses Mindfulness, Resiliency and Humor to get through continual challenges while managing recurring illness. Sally's energy is intoxicating and after her last appearance, we agreed that she would provide the audience with lessons that she has learned and discuss how each of us could try to adapt her techniques while dealing with our everyday challenges.

July 7, 2022 - Silver Linings and Silver Hairs

Sally Kalksma returns to Frank About Health to talk about her progress since her most recent book Life Gets In The Way was released and talks about recent progress since turning 60 and looking at life much differently and more positively. She will discuss her blog called Silver Linings and Silver Hairs and provide insights into the concept of Aging as a means towards understanding your limitations while living your best life.

August 18, 2022 - Courage to Climb to the Finish

This special 2-hour show discusses the works of 3 Best Selling Authors each of whom have triumphed from their own Personal Health Issues and have been able to express through their writings their triumph and ability to help advocate from a Sports and Training Mindset.

Sally Kalksma's Book: Life Gets In The Way covers the challenges of recovering from Multiple Myeloma and using her running to keep her momentum going as she continues to Champion her way through life.

Christine Conti's Book: Split Second Courage covers the way to look at life's challenges through shifting your mindset by diving into your fears to reach your goals and dreams.

Angelo Gingerelli's Book: Finish Strong covers resistance training for endurance athletes and provides training tips and practical advice to Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, and Triathletes.


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