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Preventing Recurrence

What’s worse than getting cancer? Getting it again! Not all people experience recurrent cancer but unfortunately, many do. The good news is, if cancer does come back, or recur, there are often new, improved treatments than the last time treatment took place. The even better news is there are many ways proven to help prevent recurrence. Watch the video below that I shot for the NYCRA New York Cancer Resource Alliance as we bring awareness to “recurrence” during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Remember, the best news about recurrent cancer is that there are many things you can do right now, like me, to prevent it including:

  • Don’t smoke

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Maintain healthy weight

  • Limit alcohol

  • Exercise regularly

  • Get enough vitamin D

  • Avoid radiation

  • Avoid toxins

  • Avoid infections

  • Get regular screening

  • Quality sleep

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