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Fitness for Funseekers: How to Stair Climb

Stair Climbing is a very strenuous sport. It's not easy and climbing up the stairs of a dimly lit dusty stairwell can sound less than exciting. But with the right mental attitude, a touch of competitive spirit, and some crazy friends, you can have a great time and enjoy the health benefits of this sport, also known as Tower Running.

People often ask me "Sally, why do you climb stairs?" My answer is simple: "Because I can!" Next, they ask me "How do you climb stairs?" That answer is not quite as simple to explain so I made this video to break down some of my stair climbing techniques and show you! This video is the first episode of my new vlog series called "Fitness for Funseekers." It's called "How to Stair Climb".

Check it out—if you like this video be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, or find exclusive workouts in the back of my book, Life Gets in the Way: Powering Through Adversity with Grit and Grace. Get your copy at

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