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Let's all try to KISS a little more this year. No, not kiss like a smooch. I mean the type of KISS my dad would tell his football players to do:

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid

This acronym was instilled in me at a young age. Whenever I was faced with a new challenge my dad would say KISS. You couldn't argue with my father. After all, he was a New Jersey High School Hall of Fame coach who was inducted alongside Vince Lombardi.

I think the start of the year is a perfect time to learn the importance of keeping it simple. We often make unattainable New Year's resolutions and set unrealistic goals for the year. We may have the best intentions, but too often that's as far as they go. When we don't accomplish what we set our minds to we end up frustrated and defeated, or worse, depressed.

This year, why not make just a couple of small changes? Set reachable goals, and build upon them throughout the year.

For example, I started my new year with two very small but important resolutions:

  1. Stretch More

  2. Drink More Water

And guess what? I've been hitting the mark every day because I Kept It Simple Stupid. Yeah I know, it's only been a week but, I can't remember the last time I committed to a New Years' resolution that lasted more than two days in a row. These two micro goals only add a few more minutes to my daily routine so it's not very disruptive. I added some new stretches to my existing repertoire and I drink one additional glass of water.

In fact, I discovered that I easily drink more water when I use a refillable fruit-infused water bottle! I love experimenting with different fruit and herbs to keep myself drinking more! Both resolutions are simple stupid, yet effective. They're so easy that I believe I will have no problem continuing.

What are a couple of small things you can change or start in 2022? Sometimes more is not always better. And remember to KISS your next task!

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