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Don't Judge a Book, BUY Its Cover!

It's official! My book, Life Gets in the Way: Powering Through Adversity with Grit and Grace, is going to print. A process of remembrance written with draft after draft is in final revision with the publisher! Moving into these final stages, I have committed to donating a portion of the profits to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) the organization that helped me most and believed in my fight.

Of course, I couldn't wait to give some of my favorite cheerleaders a sneak peek before the book is officially released... so let me ask you this:

What does Emmy award-winning WABC TV Eyewitness News meteorologist Amy Freeze, gold & platinum record producer and musician Van Romaine, best selling author and 19-time Ironman Tom Holland, and award-winning journalist and world-ranked masters runner Dianne DeOliveira all have in common? They all endorsed me and my upcoming book! Read what they had to say:

“If Sally’s triumph is as contagious as her joy — Everyone will win by reading her inspirational story. Knowing Sally is pure delight– – there never was a cloud the sun couldn’t shine through!! Every setback has a silver lining— and any challenge that Sally has been given is transformed to inspiration... she is proof that human spirit rises!!”

Amy Freeze of WABC Television

Five-Time Emmy Winner, Mother of Four, Nine-Time Marathoner, Fan of the Underdog

“If you would have told me that the girl I met in kindergarten would end up being such a huge inspiration in my adult life I wouldn’t have believed you. Sally’s challenges and how she’s chosen to deal with and overcome them to me are equally as moving as her drive to help others with their lives. I’m thrilled she’s getting her message out to the world”.

Van Romaine

Producer, Composer, Musician

“To say Sally Kalksma is the living embodiment of resilience, both physically as well as psychologically, would be an enormous understatement. Hit with numerous challenges that would have stopped most people in their tracks, Sally stood strong and faced her obstacles head-on, not only surviving but thriving, including becoming one of the top-ranked stair-climbing racers in the world. Sally’s lust for life is truly infectious - Prepare to be inspired by her incredible resilience, lust for life, and true grit. Everyone who comes into contact with Sally walks away a better person and I feel extremely fortunate to call her a friend.”

Tom Holland

Exercise physiologist, Best-Selling Author, Elite Endurance Athlete, and Fitness Personality

“To already have a magnetic, bubbly spirit, and then conquer adversity, and live life fuller than before, that’s inspiration—that’s Sally. She is a firecracker...she already had an energetic spark for life, now she is a grand finale that leaves you in greater awe and inspired by what’s possible”.

Dianne DeOliveira

Award-Winning Journalist, On-Air Personality, World Ranked Masters Runner, and Owner of Bella N Motion, a USATF running club for women

Look out for the pre-order link, coming just in time for the holiday season!

If you or you know anyone dealing with adversity, fighting cancer, or other life-threatening diseases, my book may make a great gift.

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